Amazing Car Concepts of the Future

Which cars would you like to see manufactured in the future? Here is a list of a few amazing concept cars.

VW NILS Concept
Made entirely of aluminum, with wing doors, this zero-emitting car seats only one. VW is viewing this as its minimalist commuter vehicle. The electric vehicle has a range of 40 miles and weighs a mere 1,015 pounds.

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Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach

Toyota Fun Vii Concept
A vehicle that departs the most radically from today’s cars, this three-seater has a “blank slate” exterior that can be changed, based on the owner’s preferences, with a simple download of a phone app or by uploading an image to Facebook. A 3D female “navigation concierge” pops out of the dashboard to assist the driver. It’s so versatile it can operate as its own video game console.

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Photo: Toyota

Mercedes Benz F-125! Concept
This car, which Mercedes says is intended to give the public a look at what cars will be like in 2025, uses fuel cell technology and runs on hydrogen, which has a far greater range than electric vehicles. Mercedes says it can go as far as 621 miles on a tank of hydrogen, with a fuel economy of 105 miles per gallon. It will be able to rely on a driver’s hand gestures to understand and execute commands. The car has autonomous features, automatically change lanes on one-way roads and navigating traffic jams without driver involvement.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Nissan Pivo3 Concept
This pint-size mini electric vehicle that seats three rarely needs to engage in reverse, thanks to its four swiveling in-wheel motors. It can make a U-turn in a road that’s only 13 feet wide. It has an automated parking system that allows it to park itself, in a space where it can be charged. It then returns to pick up the driver by using a smartphone app.

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Photo: Nissan

Infiniti LE Concept
This electric car uses a wireless charging pad instead of being connected to an outlet, making the need for plugs or cables for charging obsolete.

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Photo: Allison Joyce

Volkswagen Hover Car Concept
This car was the result of the “People’s Car Project,” created by users of an online platform and refined by Volkswagen. Designed for the Chinese market, it’s a two-seater, zero-emission city car that literally flies over other cars, just above the ground, if you can believe it.

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Photo: Volkswagen

Chevrolet EN-V Concept
General Motors’ goal for this electric vehicle is to be a connected, zero-emissions personal transportation car that addresses issues with traffic congestion, parking availability, air quality and affordability. At 1,100 pounds and less than 50 inches long, it’s one-third the size of a conventional automobile. Running on a lithium-ion battery, it has a driving range of 25 miles.

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Photo: Chevrolet