Top 8 Most Frightening Bridges In The World

Here we list the the top 8 most frightening bridges in the world. Have you visited any of them?

Langkawi Sky-Bridge
Where: The top of Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi, Malaysia.
Stats: 2,000 feet above sea level; less than six feet wide.
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Puente de Ojuela
Where: In the ghost town of Ojuela in northern Mexico.
Stats: 984 feet long suspension bridge.
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Sidu River Bridge
Where: Near Yeasanguan town, Hubei, China.
Stats: 4,009 feet long suspension bridge; about 1,640 feet from the bottom of the gorge.
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Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge
Where: Near Ballintoy, Northern Ireland.
Stats: 66 feet long; 98 feet high.
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Capilano Suspension Bridge
Where: North Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Stats: 460 feet long; 230 feet above the river.
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U Bein Bridge
Where: Amarapura, Myanmar.
Stats: 3,937 feet long.
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Trift Bridge
Where: Near Gadmen, Switzerland.
Stats: 560 feet in length; 330 feet height.
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Royal Gorge Bridge
Where: Near Canon City, Colorado.
Stats: 1,260 feet long; 955 feet high; 18 feet wide.
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