Best Camouflage Owl Photos

I am loving the photos from photographer Art Wolfe. One particular gallery that I love the most is the gallery of owls! Can you spot the owls as they camouflage with their surroundings?

A pair of diurinal Northern Hawk Owls perch in the shape of a camouflaged heart on a tree branch in Northwest Territories, Canada.
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A tiny saw-whet owl uses blending camouflage to hide among a profusion of muted pussy-willow blossoms. Northern Saw-whet Owl, Washington State, USA
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With its cryptic plumage, this Snowy Owl blends into its winter habitat in Manitoba, Canada
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The Short-eared Owl nests and roosts on the ground in the open habitat of the Skagit Valley, Washington.
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A Northern Spotted Owl perches against the textured trunk of a giant Douglas fir tree on the coast of Washington.
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At first glance, all attention is drawn to the colorful feathers of the Rufus Treepie, but sitting to the left is an Eurasian Eagle Owl, Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India
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These are just few of the many beautiful photographs from Art Wolfe. Visit his website for more awesomeness!

Credits: Photographer Art Wolfe