Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) Building in Milan Italy

Nothing beats the Bosco Verticale aka Vertical Forest in Milan, Italy for the title of the greenest building in the world! The building, designed by Stefan Boeri Architects, will incorporate forests around its facade that could provide a microclimate condition and to filter out polluting dust particles.

Check out these photos.
[image title=”bosco-verticale-1″ size=”large” id=”1661″ align=”center” linkto=”” ]

[image title=”bosco-verticale-3″ size=”large” id=”1663″ align=”center” linkto=”” ]

[image title=”bosco-verticale-2″ size=”large” id=”1662″ align=”center” linkto=”” ]

[image title=”piantumazione_01″ size=”large” id=”1665″ align=”center” linkto=”” ]

[image title=”piantumazione_04″ size=”large” id=”1666″ align=”center” linkto=”” ]