Most Expensive Yachts in the World

If you are looking for the most outrageous, most expensive yachts in the world, look no farther. Forbes has compiled the most extravagant water toys!

Maltese Falcon – One of the world’s largest private sailboats—built for venture capitalist Tom Perkins but now owned by hedge-fund superstar Elena Ambrosiadou—the 289-foot beauty is best known for its revolutionary DynaRig sailing system: a square rig with three self-standing and rotating masts hosting 15 computer-operated sails totaling 25,791 square feet. That means extreme aerodynamic efficiency and speed; the Falcon can cross the Atlantic in ten days. And its quarters, naturally, ooze opulence.
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Guilty – Greek billionaire Dakis Joannou, one of the biggest collectors of contemporary art in the world, is the man behind this hard-to-miss 114-foot vessel by Italian yacht builder Ivana Porfiri. Its flashy exterior—a WWI-inspired camouflage pattern in bold yellow, purple, black, white and blue—was designed by superstar Jeff Koons.
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Mr. Terrible – There are certainly bigger, flashier yachts in the seas. But the 154-foot Mr. Terrible, available for private charter, boasts a particularly sumptuous luxury: an interior crafted from no less than a dozen types of rare woods.
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Solemates – This 197-foot pleasure cruiser—which Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and his family recently chartered for $850,000 a week through the Luxury Yacht Group firm—is chock full of regal amenities. But its coolest draw is technological: It’s got a custom-made (and customizable) iPad app that allows passengers to control everything from the entertainment and climate systems to blinds and lights in their cabins through a mere tap on their touch-screens (14 iPads are available onboard).
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Octopus – Microsoft-cofounder Paul Allen’s 414-foot, blue-and-white megayacht, built for $200 million (and with an estimated annual operating budget of $20 million), is seriously tricked out. The behemoth is equipped with a recording studio, jet-ski dock, full-size basketball court, seven boats, a 63-foot tender, room for a crew of 60, two helipads (each with its own helicopter), and two submarines—one remote-control operated for studying the ocean’s floor, the other with the capacity to sleep eight guests and spend up to two weeks underwater.
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Dubai – The royal yacht of Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum makes the list for sheer audacity: At 524 feet, it is the second-largest private yacht in the world. And, built at a cost of $300 million, it was the most expensive upon its completion in 2006. Its decks are served by three elevators as well as an open glass staircase, and they’re host to a variety of pools, hot tubs, sunbathing areas and one large swimming platform—most of which are enclosed to ensconce Dubai-based revelers in vital air-conditioning. There’s also a small submarine onboard, as well as a squash room, spa, cinema, disco, gym and Blackhawk helipad.
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Seven Seas – Though there’s been no official announcement yet, this new 282-foot, $200-million superyacht built by Dutch shipyard Oceanco purportedly belongs to Steven Spielberg. And that would make sense, as her piece de resistance is an infinity pool whose 15-foot glass wall doubles as a movie screen, allowing folks to enjoy a film without leaving the water. Other hints that you’re in the lap of luxury are said to include an interior of walnut, teak and rosewood; accommodations for 12 guests and a crew of 26; a large master stateroom with a private deck and Jacuzzi; helipad; full gym; spa; massage room; and, of course, an indoor professional screening room with raked seating.
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Ice – Ice, owned by Russian billionaire investor Suleiman Kerimov makes the list for being unexpectedly progressive: She is the first “green” megayacht on the open seas. In addition to being stocked with plenty of over-the-top amenities—large swimming pool, gymnasium, sundeck with Jacuzzi, sushi bar, baths carved from limestone blocks, minimalist design by Terence Disdale, exposed-oak floors, major art collection, helipad—this 295-footer has reduced noise, vibration and pollution thanks to an alternative propulsion technology called Azipod.
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