Electrolux The Cube Best Fine Dining Experience

The Cube may be the one that could give you your best fine dining experience. Combining ground breaking design, fantastic cuisine and stunning locations, The Cube by Electrolux is taking fine dining to a new level. Travelling across Belgium, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden, two spectacularly designed restaurants will be popping up at some of Europe’s most famous landmarks, inspiring guests with wonderful meals, events and once-in-a-lifetime views.
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The Cube by Electrolux will feature a different hand-picked resident chef at each venue and will offer tailor made recipes using locally sourced ingredients and all prepared on state-of-the-art Electrolux appliances. When guests first arrive, the 140sqm space will be open for entertaining and some great sight seeing, especially from the external platform. When dinner is served the concealed dining table will drop from the ceiling so as to sit the 18 guests before being raised again for after dinner drinks and mingling.
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Interested? Book online via www.electrolux.com/cube.