Aluna First Tide Powered Moon Clock

Aluna is a unique proposal for the world’s first tidal powered Moon Clock. It will change the way we consider time and understand our planet.

Larger than Stonehenge, Aluna’s forty metre wide, five storey high structure is made up of three concentric translucent recycled glass rings. By looking at how each ring is illuminated, you can follow the Moon’s movements, its current phase and the ebb and flow of the tides. This animation of light is called Alunatime.
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Using the latest design and technologies, Alunatime will be powered directly by the tides using turbines.

A waterside landmark and a public sculpture, Aluna unites art, science and spirituality and is an ever-changing reminder of the natural cycles that have shaped our past and will determine our future.
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Where will the Aluna Tide Powered Clock be Built?

Aluna’s concept is universal and its form and principles can be situated anywhere on Earth. Alunatime is global – wherever you are watching the Moon, half the planet is able to watch it with you.

UK & Australia: A Dual Hemisphere Project – Aluna’s universality is recognised by growing interest in the UK and Australia in making Aluna a dual hemisphere project.

The two structures would mirror each other. In the Northern hemisphere location Aluna would move clockwise and face due South; in the Southern hemisphere it would move anti-clockwise and face due North.

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