Women With Most Number of Plastic Surgeries, Cosmetic Procedures

It is not only celebrities and famous people who get so many plastic surgeries or cosmetic procedures in their lifetime. Even ordinary people do. A lady from Ohio, Cindy Jackson, now 55, undergone 14 full-scale operations. In total she has had 52 cosmetic procedures, a world record for the most procedures ever undergone by one person.
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Do you know any other women who have had so many plastic surgeries?

Jocelyn Wildenstein – She is reported to have spent £2million on cosmetic surgery to keep her husband, but succeeded only in ruining the good looks she was born with. See the transformation below. She is now in her 60s.
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Heidi Montag also had a number of plastic surgery procedures. She had her breast implants increased to DDDs, a brow lift, a nose job revision, lipo on her stomach and thighs and a butt augmentation, among other things.
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Pamela Anderson is one of the Hollywood stars who is vocal about her plastic surgery procedures.
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Singer Dolly Parton defends her need to look good for her fans with plastic surgery! How many times do you think did she have gone through the knife?
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And here is Cindy Jackson. She had 14 actual operations (5 full face lifts, lots of liposuction, 2 eye lifts, chin reduction, lip implants, multiple boob jobs, nose job, cheek implants). The rest of the 38 cosmetic procedures are less invasive injectables (Botox and fillers), chemical peels, cosmetic dentistry and semi-permanent makeup. Recently, Cindy Jackson had her hands injected with filler in an attempt to hide the veins and make them appear younger.
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Video: Cindy Jackson