Where to See Millions of Spring Flowers

It is almost the Spring season and everyone is dreaming of traveling somewhere to enjoy a day looking at millions of flowers on the field. Do you know which places are best to visit for Spring flowers?

Tulips: Holland’s Keukenhof Gardens – Keukenhof Gardens is the largest tulip garden in the world with roughly 4.5 million Dutch tulips covering 80 acres.
[image title=”Keukenhof Gardens” size=”large” id=”1349″ align=”center” ]

Bluebonnets: Texas
[image title=”Bluebonnets” size=”large” id=”1351″ align=”center” ]

Poppies: Mojave Desert, California
[image title=”Poppies” size=”large” id=”1346″ align=”center” ]

Poppies: Umbria, Italy — Italy’s hilly Umbria region is also known for its sweeping fields of darker orange poppies. Spectacular hiking opportunities abound around the town of Assisi, throughout the region, and in neighboring Tuscany.
[image title=”Umbria” size=”large” id=”1347″ align=”center” ]

Daffodils: Cotswolds, England — Head to The Cotswolds in the United Kingdom to witness sweeping rows of butter-yellow daffodils.
[image title=”Daffodils” size=”large” id=”1352″ align=”center” ]

Cherry Blossoms: Washington, D.C.
When to Go: Late March to early April
[image title=”Cherry Blossom” size=”large” id=”1348″ align=”center” ]

Cherry Blossoms: Tokyo, Japan
[image title=”Tokyo” size=”large” id=”1350″ align=”center” ]