Sand Sculptures at Australia Creepy Crawlies

See these huge sand sculptures at the Australia Creepy Crawlies on the Frankston Waterfront.

“The Frankston Waterfront will again be transformed as a team of talented sand sculptors create a weird and wonderful world of Creepy Crawlies. From beetles, bugs and butterflies, to spiders, slugs and scorpions, the tiny creatures that inhabit our lives will be magnified and amplified in giant sand sculptures. Delicate dragonflies and enchanting ladybirds will mingle with bed bugs, fleas and other things that make you itch and your skin crawl!”

[image title=”sand1″ size=”large” id=”1314″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”sand2″ size=”large” id=”1315″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”sand3″ size=”large” id=”1316″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”sand4″ size=”large” id=”1317″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”sand5″ size=”large” id=”1318″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”sand6″ size=”large” id=”1319″ align=”center” ]

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