Most Beautiful Christmas Trees in the World

It is Christmas and having Christmas trees has been a tradition for some countries. Which Christmas tree is the most beautiful of all.

Let us look at some from around the world. Leave your comments if you know of something else.

Independence Square New Year & Christmas Tree, Kiev
[image title=”Independence Square New Year & Christmas Tree” size=”large” id=”1302″ align=”center” ]

Christmas Tree illumination at Freedom Square, Tbilisi, Georgia
[image title=”Christmas Tree illumination” size=”large” id=”1306″ align=”center” ]

Christmas Tree at Osmena in Cebu City, Philippines
[image title=”Christmas Tree at Osmena in Cebu” size=”full” id=”1311″ align=”center” ]

Christmas tree in Lisbon, Portugal
[image title=”Christmas tree in Lisbon” size=”large” id=”1309″ align=”center” ]

Cathedral Square Christmas Tree, Vilnius, Lithuania
[image title=”Cathedral Square Christmas Tree” size=”large” id=”1303″ align=”center” ]

Castle Square Christmas Tree, Warsaw, Poland
[image title=”Castle Square Christmas Tree” size=”large” id=”1305″ align=”center” ]

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, New York
[image title=”Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree” size=”large” id=”1299″ align=”center” ]

Christmas Tree at Bangkok International Airport
[image title=”Christmas Tree at Bangkok” size=”large” id=”1308″ align=”center” ]

DisneyWorld Christmas Tree, Orlando
[image title=”DisneyWorld Christmas Tree” size=”large” id=”1310″ align=”center” ]

Aristotelous Square Christmas Tree, Thessaloniki, Greece
[image title=”Aristotelous Square Christmas Tree” size=”large” id=”1301″ align=”center” ]

Piazza Venezia Christmas Tree, Rome
[image title=”Piazza Venezia Christmas Tree” size=”large” id=”1304″ align=”center” ]

Floating Christmas Tree, Rio de Janeiro
[image title=”Floating Christmas Tree” size=”large” id=”1300″ align=”center” ]

Christmas Tree in Madrid
[image title=”Christmas Tree” size=”large” id=”1307″ align=”center” ]