Weird Pets – Animals That Are Ugly?

Take a look at these pictures of animals that some people are keeping as pets. Are these pets cute or weird?

Sphynx Cat
[image title=”Sphynx Cat” size=”large” id=”1232″ align=”center” ]

Proboscis Monkey – Nobody really knows what the noses of these primates from Borneo are for.
[image title=”Proboscis Monkey” size=”large” id=”1233″ align=”center” ]

Naked Mole Rat – Buck teeth and almost no hair doesn’t do much for this burrowing, intensely social animal from Sub-Saharan African.
[image title=”Naked Mole Rat” size=”large” id=”1234″ align=”center” ]

Long-eared Jerboa – This Mongolian rodent is endangered.
[image title=”Long-eared Jerboa” size=”large” id=”1235″ align=”center” ]

Emperor Tamarin
[image title=”Emperor Tamarin” size=”large” id=”1236″ align=”center” ]

Elephant Shrew – Elephant shrews were so named because they resemble a shrew with a long nose.
[image title=”Elephant Shrew” size=”large” id=”1237″ align=”center” ]

Philippine Tarsier – Look at those giant eyes of one of the smallest primates in the world.
[image title=”Philippine Tarsier” size=”large” id=”1238″ align=”center” ]

Baby Pygmy Hippo – Is this cute or a little freaky?
[image title=”Baby Pygmy Hippo” size=”large” id=”1239″ align=”center” ]