Capybara Pictures – Caplin the Giant Rodent

Melanie Typaldos of Buda, Texas, is the proud owner of Caplin, a capybara. “I absolutely love Caplin and Caplin loves me too,” she says.
[image title=”capybara1″ size=”full” id=”1225″ align=”center” ]
Typaldos fell in love with the super-sized cousin of the guinea pig on a family vacation. She found a breeder in the States and brought Caplin home when he was 11 days old. Here, a family member bottle-feeds baby Caplin.
[image title=”capybara2″ size=”large” id=”1226″ align=”center” ]
Caplin has a gentleman’s manners in the house. Typaldos gives the animal free reign to roam around the living room.
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Capybaras are semi-aquatic. They transform from lumbering land creatures to moving with astonishing grace underwater. Luckily for Caplin, he has a pool and a stream nearby for exercise.
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