Pencil vs Camera Art by Ben Heine

Pencil vs Camera is an awesome concept by Ben Heine. Using his camera, he takes a picture of a scene (or just about anything) and then using his pencil, he sketches a portion of the scene or adds something to the scene. The result is amazing! Look at some of the samples below. You need to visit his collection and leave comments.

“Palais des Beaux Arts” of Lille, France
[image title=”1″ size=”full” id=”1181″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”2″ size=”full” id=”1182″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”3″ size=”full” id=”1183″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”4″ size=”full” id=”1184″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”5″ size=”full” id=”1185″ align=”center” ]
If you wish to have any more information or simply want to download and own the original version of this work, please contact Or visit his page to see more of his creativity.