World’s Most Beautiful Bridges Pictures

Some of the most beautiful bridges in the world include the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge suspension bridge in Japan and the grand San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. But there are more of these bridges that are not only marvels of impressive structural engineering but also of beauty and inspiration. See photos of bridges with complex designs.

Millau Viaduct — France – At its highest point, the Millau Viaduct is 23 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower.
[image title=”Millau Viaduct — France bridge” size=”large” id=”1105″ align=”center” ]

Gateshead Millennium Bridge — England
[image title=”Gateshead Millennium Bridge — England” size=”large” id=”1106″ align=”center” ]

Hangzhou Bay Bridge — China
[image title=”Hangzhou Bay Bridge — China” size=”large” id=”1107″ align=”center” ]

Bosphorous Bridge — Turkey
[image title=”Bosphorous Bridge — Turkey” size=”large” id=”1108″ align=”center” ]

Coronado Bridge — USA
[image title=”Coronado Bridge — U.S.A.” size=”large” id=”1109″ align=”center” ]

Confederation Bridge — Canada
[image title=”Confederation Bridge — Canada” size=”large” id=”1110″ align=”center” ]

Sunniberg Bridge — Switzerland
[image title=”Sunniberg Bridge — Switzerland” size=”large” id=”1111″ align=”center” ]

Khaju Bridge — Iran
[image title=”Khaju Bridge — Iran” size=”large” id=”1112″ align=”center” ]

Helix Bridge — Singapore
[image title=”Helix Bridge — Singapore” size=”large” id=”1113″ align=”center” ]

“Golden Horn” Bridge — Norway
[image title=”Golden Horn Bridge — Norway” size=”large” id=”1114″ align=”center” ]

San Juanico Bridge — Philippines
[image title=”San_Juanico_Bridge” size=”large” id=”1118″ align=”center” ]

Alamillo Bridge — Spain
[image title=”Alamillo Bridge — Spain” size=”large” id=”1115″ align=”center” ]

Banpo Bridge — South Korea
[image title=”Banpo Bridge — South Korea” size=”large” id=”1116″ align=”center” ]