Crooked Houses – Pictures of Strange Houses

If I say crooked, it is really crooked. These houses define what crookedness is all about. They were not design flaws. The weird-looking, strange houses were designed that way as a form of art. See the pictures below.

Cubic Houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands – The original idea of these cubic houses came about in the 1970s. The concept behind these houses is that Piet Blom tries to create a forest by each cube representing an abstract tree; therefore the whole village becomes a forest. The cubes contain the living areas, which are split into three levels. The triangle-shaped lower level contains the living area. The middle level contains the sleeping area and a bathroom, while the top level, also in a triangular shape, is used as either an extra bedroom or a living space.
[image title=”Cubic Houses” size=”full” id=”1063″ align=”center” ]

The Crooked House, Sopot, Poland – Opened in 2004. It was designed by the award winning Polish architect Szotynscy Zaleski. The designer was inspired by the fairytale illustrations of Jan Marcin Szancer and the drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg.
[image title=”The Crooked House, Sopot, Poland” size=”full” id=”1064″ align=”center” ]

WonderWorks – Central Florida’s only upside down attraction. An amusement park for the mind, featuring over 100 interactive exhibits for the entire family to experience.
[image title=”wonderworks” size=”full” id=”1065″ align=”center” ]

Crooked house, Windsor – is a British building constructed in 1592. The building now stands at a marked angle, having been rebuilt with green wood in 1718.
[image title=”weirdhouse” size=”full” id=”1066″ align=”center” ]