Pictures of Dead Sea Turtles and Fish

At least 20 sea turtles have been found dead this May 2, 2010 along a 30-mile stretch of Mississippi beaches from Biloxi to Bay St. Louis. No reason of the cause of death has been released yet.

A large drum fish lies washed up on the beach in Long Beach, Miss., Sunday, May 2, 2010.
[image title=”fish 1″ size=”full” id=”1047″ align=”center” ]

The researchers were collecting dead turtles and will examine them to determine the cause of death.
[image title=”turtle1″ size=”full” id=”1048″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”turle2″ size=”full” id=”1049″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”turtle3″ size=”full” id=”1050″ align=”center” ]