Weird Christmas Cards – Best Christmas Card Ever

You could not find the best Christmas card ever inside your favorite mall store. Go somewhere strange. Go to a shop that’s hidden in a corner and you’ll see the weirdest and strangest of Christmas cards!

Here are a few weird Christmas cards I have found online.

Chihuahua with a shotgun by changoblanco:
[image title=”weird christmas card1″ size=”full” id=”964″ align=”center” ]

Cowboy Christmas skeleton and SARS Christmas by The Black Azar
[image title=”weird christmas card2″ size=”full” id=”965″ align=”center” ]

Obscene Santa – Santa flasher, and a Santa in the tabloids by The Black Azar
[image title=”weird christmas card3″ size=”full” id=”966″ align=”center” ]

Bizarre Christmas card – cat plumbers by jessie_storey
[image title=”weird christmas card4″ size=”full” id=”967″ align=”center” ]

Rudolph’s Wish by Boy_Wonder
[image title=”weird christmas card5″ size=”full” id=”968″ align=”center” ]

Christmas Kongs But Once A Year by zero g
[image title=”weird christmas card6″ size=”full” id=”969″ align=”center” ]