Longest Living Animals in the World

It is hard to tell which animal species is the longest living animal in the world, especially if the animal is in the wild and has never been monitored. So to answer the question of which is the “Longest Living Animals in the World” is to base it from the list of animals in captivity.

Based on records, the longest-lived captive animal is the giant tortoise (177 years). The list below of ages of animals is from the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. This is a record of animals and their extreme age from zoos and aquariums all over the world.

Giant Tortoise – 152 years
[image title=”Giant_Tortoise” size=”full” id=”940″ align=”center” ]

Box Turtle – 123 years
[image title=”BoxTurtle” size=”full” id=”941″ align=”center” ]

Turkey Buzzard – 118 years
[image title=”turkey” size=”full” id=”942″ align=”center” ]

Swan – 102 years
[image title=”Swan” size=”full” id=”943″ align=”center” ]

Parrot – 80 years
[image title=”parrot” size=”full” id=”944″ align=”center” ]

Elephant – 69 years
[image title=”elephant” size=”full” id=”945″ align=”center” ]

Great Horned Owl – 68 years
[image title=”owl horned” size=”full” id=”946″ align=”center” ]

Alligator – 68 years
[image title=”Alligator” size=”full” id=”947″ align=”center” ]

Catfish – 60 years
[image title=”catfish” size=”full” id=”948″ align=”center” ]

Giant Salamander – 55 years
[image title=”giant-salamander” size=”full” id=”949″ align=”center” ]