Heaviest/Biggest newborn baby in the world

Who holds the record of the heaviest newborn baby in the world? The record belongs to an American infant born in 1879. The baby boy weighed 23 pounds, 12 ounces. But he died a few hours after being born.

There are still other babies born heavy. The recent one is a 19.2-lb baby boy born from an Indonesian woman. The baby is now the heaviest/biggest newborn baby recorded in the country.
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Ademilton dos Santos is the largest baby born at the Albert Sabin Maternity Hospital in north eastern Brazil, weighing 17 pounds. He was born in January 2005.
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Baby Nadia Barabanova weighed in at a whopping 17.1 pounds (7.75 kg). Nadia was delivered by caesarean section in the local maternity hospital in the Altai region of Siberia on September 17, 2007.
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Kacper Skulska, who is more than two feet tall, was born to Bozena Skulska, 44, in Szczecin, Poland. The baby boy weighed 15.7 lb at birth.
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Lillian Elizabeth Ross was born in December 2005 at McAlester Regional Health Center in Oklahoma. She weighed 14 pounds, 3 ounces.
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Stephon Hendrix Louis-Jean was born in William W. Backus Hospital, Norwich, Conn. on September 12, 2006. She was 14 pound, 13 ounces.
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