“Nobody But You” – Dance Videos

A song called “Nobody But You” (but people call it “Nobody, Nobody But You”) was popularized by an all-girl Korean group, the Wonder Girls. The song is getting so much attention and popularity in Southeast Asia that everyone is addicted to it and wants to dance with the music. Even robots dance to “Nobody, Nobody But You”. Wanna learn the dance steps?
[image title=”Wonder_Girls” size=”full” id=”711″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]
Watch the videos below.
But first, here is the “Wonder Girls” “Nobody But You” U.S. debut single:

“Nobody, Nobody But You” by the “Wonderbots” – Transformer style

Thai students from high school in Thailand.

Nobody But You (Hilarious Dance) – Dancing in uniform

“Nobody” by the Cebu, Philippine Inmates. One of the videos of these dancing inmates was featured on CNN.