Weirdest Hotels in the World

Get some fun and stay in one of these weird hotels! Why be content in a typical hotel accommodation when there are some exquisite services offered in a very unusual yet memorable way?

Have you been to these weirdest/bizarre/strange hotels yet?

Giraffe Manor in Langata, Kenya – The five-room property is arranged so that roaming giraffes can poke their heads into any open window or doorway and lick guests with their sticky, prehensile tongues.
[image title=”WeirdestHotels_Giraffe1″ size=”full” id=”553″ align=”center” ]

Das Park Hotel in Ottensheim, Austria – offers three 10-ton segments of drainage pipe, each 6.5 feet in diameter. You get a lamp, a mattress, a few sleeping bags, and a lockable door.
[image title=”0803_WeirdestHotels_DasPark” size=”full” id=”554″ align=”center” ]

Harbour Crane at Harlingen – a port city an hour outside of Amsterdam, Netherlands. You and your guest can jump into the cockpit, seize the controls, and turn the 143,000-pound crane a full 360 degrees.
[image title=”0803_WeirdestHotels_Crane” size=”full” id=”555″ align=”center” ]

Dog Bark Park Inn – is a two-story, beagle-shaped B&B in Cottonwood, Idaho. And, yes, pets are allowed.
[image title=”0803_WeirdestHotels_Dog” size=”full” id=”556″ align=”center” ]

Hotel Everland – is a one-room inn that will be in Paris on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo museum through 2008. It offers heart-swelling views of the Seine, 100 feet below, and the Eiffel Tower, in the near distance.
[image title=”WeirdestHotels_Everland” size=”full” id=”557″ align=”center” ]

The Marmara Antalya, in sunny Antalya, Turkey, features two dozen rooms in a building that slowly spins. Guests are rewarded with ever-changing views of the Mediterranean Sea.
[image title=”WeirdestHotels_Marmara” size=”full” id=”558″ align=”center” ]

The Hobbit Motel in New Zealand, near the Waitomo Caves, consists of two hillside burrows that are faithful replicas of the hobbit dwellings in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books—right down to the circular windows and doorways, red-and-beige walls, and camouflaged exteriors.
[image title=”WeirdestHotels_Hobbit” size=”full” id=”559″ align=”center” ]

Out ‘n’ About Treesort & Treehouse Institute, just outside of Cave Junction, Oregon. Most of the rooms have modern conveniences such as sinks and refrigerators.
[image title=”WeirdestHotels_Tree” size=”full” id=”560″ align=”center” ]

Wagon Stays in Christchurch, New Zealand, features rooms with queen-size beds, computer-controlled showers, flush toilets, fully equipped kitchens, and satellite TV.
[image title=”WeirdestHotels_Wagon” size=”full” id=”561″ align=”center” ]

Beckham Creek Cave Haven – Arkansas, USA. Totally secluded cave dwelling, with underground jacuzzis for relaxation.
[image title=”beckham-creek-cave-haven” size=”full” id=”562″ align=”center” ]

White Pod Swiss Alps – The WhitePod Resort covers 20000 hectares of pristine nature in the heart of the Swiss Alps. No noisy bars. No busy streets.
[image title=”whitepod” size=”full” id=”563″ align=”center” ]