Weird Filipino Food: Extreme Philippine Food

Philippine food or cuisine is a mixture of Hispanic, Chinese and American influences. However, there are certain types of food that are pure traditional Filipino. These weird and extreme Philippine food have been in the Filipino culture for so long that you see them served in almost every mealtime.

Lechon (whole roasted pig)
[image title=”lechon” size=”full” id=”546″ align=”center” ]

Balot – Balot is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell.
[image title=”balot” size=”full” id=”547″ align=”center” ]

Salted Dried Fish (Tuyo) – creates a stench smell when fried
[image title=”Dried_fish” size=”full” id=”548″ align=”center” ]

Salted Fermented Fish – Fermented fish is the quintessential ingredient for many of their dishes.
[image title=”fermented fish” size=”full” id=”549″ align=”center” ]

Pork Blood Stew (Dinuguan) – A savory stew made of pig’s blood and innards.
[image title=”dinuguan” size=”full” id=”550″ align=”center” ]

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