U.S. Map Artworks

The United States map can be presented in different ways! Some artists have done great artworks in showing the U.S. map in amazing ways.

1. Bookshelf U.S. Map – by Israeli artist, architect and designer Ron Arad. This currently on display at the Timothy Taylor gallery in London.
[image title=”us_map1″ size=”full” id=”510″ align=”center” ]

2. Electronic Highway, Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, 1995 — Korean artist Nam June Paik gifted this 15 x 40 x 4-foot “Electronic Superhighway” to the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC. It is made up of 336 televisions and nearly 600 feet of neon light strips, with each screen displaying state-specific movies—shown from the perspective of a “passing car”—from behind the individual state silhouettes.
[image title=”us_map2″ size=”full” id=”511″ align=”center” ]

3. Lower 48: Scrap Metal – by artist Ian Bird. This measures 7 feet 6 inches and was created from a combination of auto-body and found metals salvaged from recycling yards, highways, roads and other public arenas.
[image title=”us_map3″ size=”full” id=”512″ align=”center” ]

4. U.S. Map of License Plates – by artist and cohost of the HGTV show FreeStyle, Aaron Foster. This uses unusual and widely varying vintage American automobile license plates.
[image title=”us_map4″ size=”full” id=”513″ align=”center” ]

5. Fingerprint – by photographer Adrian Sawvel. This is part of a larger image called “World Fingerprint”—which shows each of the world’s countries, including the United States, with surfaces that appear to be carved from a fingerprint.
[image title=”us_map5″ size=”full” id=”514″ align=”center” ]
[thanks to worldmysteries9]