World’s largest soap bubbles

Here are photos of the world’s largest soap bubbles. ‘Bubbleologist’ Samsam Bubbleman set the record for the world’s biggest free-floating soap bubbles.
[image title=”bubble-man_soap1″ size=”full” id=”502″ align=”center” ]
Samsam is forever blowing bubbles and made the huge bubble using a top-secret soap bubble mixture he has developed over 20 years.
[image title=”bubble-man_soap2″ size=”full” id=”503″ align=”center” ]
The previous Guinness World Record was set in October 2005 in Minnesota, USA, with a volume of 105.4 cubic feet.
[image title=”bubble-man_soap3″ size=”full” id=”504″ align=”center” ]
Resembling something out of 90’s hit movie The Abyss, Samsam’s incredible creation floated above Finsbury Park, London.
[image title=”bubble-man_soap4″ size=”full” id=”505″ align=”center” ]
The 37-year-old has made bubbles for celebrities across the world.
[image title=”bubble-man_soap5″ size=”full” id=”506″ align=”center” ]
“The final magic ingredient is the environment. You need the right conditions like low wind and high humidity to create bubbles on this sort of scale.”
[image title=”bubble-man_soap6″ size=”full” id=”507″ align=”center” ]