Most painful stunts, weirdest of all

They are amazing stunts for the viewers, but certainly the stunts do not look pleasant for the person doing the act. Have you seen photos of the most painful stunts? OMG, you can only ask if these people are still sane…

Painful stunt 1: Chinese man attempting to wrap himself with steel wire using special breathing techniques.
[image title=”weird_stunt1″ size=”full” id=”463″ align=”center” ]
Painful stunt 2: Jaja Stone pulls a bus using his penis.
[image title=”weird_stunt2″ size=”full” id=”464″ align=”center” ]
Painful stunt 3: Monk on top of spears
[image title=”weird_stunt3″ size=”full” id=”465″ align=”center” ]
Painful stunt 4: Monks during the October Festival.
[image title=”weirdstunt4″ size=”full” id=”466″ align=”center” ]
Who are these people? They look like illegal immigrants evading arrest. LOL.
[image title=”cramcarcompBAR” size=”full” id=”467″ align=”center” ]

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  1. Mario May 22, 2010