Drunk People and Yoga Positions Compared

Yoga gurus must be happy for these drunk people! Even drunks can do something productive with their lives by doing yoga positions. The photos you’ll see below are from a popular blog that shows photographs of people taken while asleep and drunk. Alongside the picture is an image of a yoga position which looks very similar.

Enjoy: “Drunk People and Yoga Positions” photos
[image title=”yoga1″ size=”full” id=”440″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”yoga2″ size=”full” id=”441″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”yoga3″ size=”full” id=”442″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”yoga4″ size=”full” id=”443″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”yoga5″ size=”full” id=”444″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”yoga6″ size=”full” id=”445″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”yoga7″ size=”full” id=”446″ align=”center” ]