World’s Tallest Children — Photos, Pictures

TLC featured the World’s Tallest Children. TLC traveled to Jamaica and even to a remote place in Thailand to find the World’s Tallest Children under age 18.

Here are the photos of the Tallest Kids as of July 2009.

15-year-old Marvadene from Jamaica — stands 6 feet 9 and one half inches.
[image title=”marvadene” size=”full” id=”417″ align=”center” ]

13-year-old Brenden Adams from Ellensburg, Washington — stands 7 feet 4 inches, the world’s tallest boy.
[image title=”PD*27906131″ size=”full” id=”419″ align=”center” ]

17-year-old Malee Duangdee from Thailand — stands 6 feet 10 inches, the world’s tallest girl. Malee is the new Guinness World Record holder.
[image title=”Malee Duangdee” size=”full” id=”421″ align=”center” ]

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