7 Best Pets for Kids

What are the best pets for kids? There are a lot to choose actually — from fancy rats to exotic birds. But to know which one is the right pet, depends on how small you want the pet to be. Try to visit a pet store. This might give you ideas of what is a good or a bad pet for your kids.

1. Guinea Pigs. Guinea Pigs can live for around 4 to 7 years and easy to tame.
[image title=”Guinea-Pig” size=”full” id=”404″ align=”center” ]

2. Fancy Mice. Fancy Mice are a suitable pet for children and adults alike. Mice are not so easily handled and are suitable for older children or adults only.
[image title=”fancy_mice” size=”full” id=”405″ align=”center” ]

3. Dogs. Dogs can live for around 12 years or so. And they are man’s best friends, so your kids will be safe with them.
[image title=”dog_” size=”full” id=”406″ align=”center” ]

4. Goldfish. A Goldfish can grow old with your kids. It can live up to 25 years.
[image title=”Goldfish” size=”full” id=”407″ align=”center” ]

5. Leopard Gecko. Leopard Geckos may not be recommended as pets for children under 5. They are very gentle and easily handled.
[image title=”leopard-gecko-bg” size=”full” id=”408″ align=”center” ]

6. Budgerigar. Aren’t Budgerigar cute? These generally happy little things can live from 5 and 10 years.
[image title=”Budgerigar” size=”full” id=”409″ align=”center” ]

7. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Alright, the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches may not be cuddly nor pleasing to the eyes, but they are low maintenance pets and very undemanding of attention.
[image title=”hissing_roach” size=”full” id=”410″ align=”center” ]