Watching a waterfall is just breathtaking. You don’t even have to do anything. Just stare at the water falling down a slope or from a high cliff and listen to the sound of water splashing, these will keep you stuck for hours. According to world-waterfalls.com, the tallest waterfall in the world is located in Venezuela, the Angel Falls. Do you wanna know the top 10? Below are photos of the world’s top 10 tallest/highest waterfalls!

10. Browne Falls – This is the tallest waterfall in New Zealand. Total Height: 2744 feet or 836 meters
[image title=”browne falls” size=”full” id=”330″ align=”center” ]
9. James Bruce Falls – It is semi-seasonal waterfall that stems from a small snowfield perched on top of the lofty mountains in British Columbia, Canada. Total Height: 2,755 feet or 840 meters
[image title=”james Bruce falls” size=”full” id=”331″ align=”center” ]
8. Pu’uka’oku Falls or Puukaoku Falls – Located in Hawaii, USA, the north coast of Molokai has the tallest sea cliffs in the world. Total Height: 2,756 feet or 840 meters
[image title=”nordfj7″ size=”full” id=”332″ align=”center” ]
7. Baläifossen – The falls appear to be fed primarily by several small lakes and tarns, but it’s likely that seasonal snowfields contribute the majority of the stream’s water. The falls is located in Hordaland, Norway. Total Height: 2,788 feet or 850 meters
[image title=”6balaifossen” size=”full” id=”333″ align=”center” ]
6. Vinnufossen – The small stream does flow all year long and can, at times, produce a significant volume. The waterfall is located in More Og Romsdal, Norway. Total Height: 2,822 feet or 860 meters
[image title=”vinnufjellsfossen” size=”full” id=”334″ align=”center” ]
5. Yumbilla, Catarata – Several sites claim a height of 870m, but Peru’s IGN (Instituto Geografico Nacional) claims a height of 895.4m.
[image title=”catarata” size=”full” id=”335″ align=”center” ]
4. Olo’upena Falls or Oloupena Falls – The most volumnous waterfall in Hawaii. Total Height: 2,953 feet or 900 meters
[image title=”oloupena” size=”full” id=”336″ align=”center” ]
3. Tres Hermanas, Cataratas las or Three Sisters Falls – The falls is located in Rio Cutivireni, Peru. Total Height: 3,000 feet or 914 meters.
[image title=”Tres Hermanas” size=”full” id=”337″ align=”center” ]
2. Tugela Falls – The Tugela River drops over 3000 feet in 5 major tiers. It is located in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Total Height: 3,110 feet or 948 meters
[image title=”tugela” size=”full” id=”338″ align=”center” ]
1. Angel, Salto or Angel Falls, Kerepakupai Merú – Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world, as well as the tallest single drop in the world. The falls consist of a 2648 foot plunge, where the water comes out of the face of Auyan Tepui, then it cascades down steep talus before dropping over another 100 foot cascade. Total Height: 3,212 feet or 979 meters
[image title=”angel falls” size=”full” id=”339″ align=”center” ]

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