World’s Biggest/Largest Flowers

What is the world’s biggest or largest flower? The record holder is the Titan Arum, or the “corpse flower.” When the flower is fully bloomed, it is said to smell like a rotting corpse. It is about 3m (10ft) tall and is native to Sumatra, Indonesia. The giant ‘corpse flower’ blooms only occasionally.
[image title=”corpse_flower2″ size=”full” id=”342″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”corpse_flower” size=”full” id=”343″ align=”center” ]
Rafflesia micropylora. This parasitic flowering plant exists as a fungus-like vegetative body within the tissue of the host before it finally produces a large flower outside the host plant (the flowers of R. arnoldii, up to a meter across, are the largest of any angiosperm). The flower can be found in southeastern Asia (Malaya, Borneo, Sumatra, Philippines).
[image title=”rafflesia_sp” size=”full” id=”344″ align=”center” ]
These are photos of not-so-huge flowers: Hibiscus hybrids
[image title=”Sun Showers” size=”full” id=”345″ align=”center” ]
Sun Flower
[image title=”sunflowers” size=”full” id=”346″ align=”center” ]
I don’t know the name of this flower, but I’ve seen one before.
[image title=”huge-flowers” size=”full” id=”347″ align=”center” ]
Are there any other species you know?