Weird, amazing statues and sculptures

Good art is hard to define. The beauty of an art is in the eye of the beholder. These weird statues and sculptures could be amazing work of art by the artists or even by people who appreciate strangeness.

I am sure there are hundreds of strange statues and sculptures around the world, but here are a few of them to begin with.
Location: Unknown
[image title=”strange_statues1″ size=”full” id=”317″ align=”center” ]
Location: Melbourne
[image title=”strange_statues2″ size=”full” id=”318″ align=”center” ]
Location: Prague
[image title=”strange_statues3″ size=”full” id=”319″ align=”center” ]
Location: Los Angeles, US
[image title=”strange_statues4″ size=”full” id=”320″ align=”center” ]
Location: Prague, Czech
[image title=”strange_statues5″ size=”full” id=”321″ align=”center” ]
Location: Unknown
[image title=”strange_statues6″ size=”full” id=”322″ align=”center” ]
Location: Unknown
[image title=”strange_statues7″ size=”full” id=”323″ align=”center” ]
Location: Monaco
[image title=”strange_statues8″ size=”full” id=”324″ align=”center” ]
Location: Unknown
[image title=”strange_statues9″ size=”full” id=”325″ align=”center” ]
Location: Manhattan, US
[image title=”strange_statues10″ size=”full” id=”326″ align=”center” ]
Location: Unknown
[image title=”strange_statues11″ size=”full” id=”327″ align=”center” ]


  1. King Wenceslas June 15, 2009
  2. Tom June 15, 2009
  3. Anthony Greene August 25, 2009