Giant killer snakes are man-eating snakes?

Giant killer snakes are made popular by the Anaconda movies. Are there really snakes as big as the ones in the movie? History Channel ventured into the Venezuelan wilderness where there have been sightings of huge man-eating snakes — anaconda. This post will be updated when History Channel videos become available. For now, enjoy these photos of giant killer snakes available online.
[image title=”snake1″ size=”full” id=”252″ align=”center” ]

Python Eats Pregnant Sheep
[image title=”snake3″ size=”full” id=”253″ align=”center” ]
Man-Eating Python?
[image title=”snake4″ size=”full” id=”254″ align=”center” ]
Giant African Python – most powerful/longest snake in Africa
[image title=”snake5″ size=”full” id=”255″ align=”center” ]
Snake swallows a kangaroo
[image title=”snake6″ size=”full” id=”256″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”snake7″ size=”full” id=”257″ align=”center” ]


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