Cute sculptures made from books

These sculptures made from books are from the Artist Nicholas Galanin. Awesome work! Enjoy some of the book-sculpture photos below.

Bear Mask, Paper: 1100 pages, human hair (2006)
[image title=”book6″ size=”full” id=”238″ align=”center” ]

What Have We Become? Vol. 1 – Paper: 2000 pages (2004)
[image title=”book2″ size=”full” id=”234″ align=”center” ]
Paper: 1000 pages containing text from Under Mount Saint Elias (2006)
[image title=”book3″ size=”full” id=”235″ align=”center” ]
Paper: 700 pages containing text ‘Made In Indonesia’ (2006)
[image title=”book4″ size=”full” id=”236″ align=”center” ]
Paper: 1000 pages, paint (2006)
[image title=”book5″ size=”full” id=”237″ align=”center” ]
Paper: 900 pages containing text ‘Made In Indonesia’ (2006)
[image title=”book1″ size=”full” id=”233″ align=”center” ]
These are just few of Nicholas Galanin’s collections. You can visit the artist’s website for more: