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Photos of first successful transplants

After the recent successful full face transplant done to Connie Culp, I browsed for the list of first successful transplants ever conducted. I found out from wiki that there are just few of them. Here are some of them in photos:

1905: First successful cornea transplant by Eduard Zirm — Alois Gloger received the first successful cornea transplant.
[image title=”cornea” size=”full” id=”218″ align=”center” ]

1954: First successful kidney transplant by Joseph Murray (Boston, U.S.A.) — The world’s first successful kidney transplant was done to the identical Herrick twins at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital.
[image title=”kidney” size=”full” id=”219″ align=”center” ]
1966: First successful pancreas transplant by Richard Lillehei and William Kelly (Minnesota, U.S.A.) — Done to 28-year-old woman who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 9.
[image title=”pancreas” size=”full” id=”220″ align=”center” ]
1967: First successful liver transplant by Thomas Starzl (Denver, U.S.A.)
1967: First successful heart transplant by Christiaan Barnard (Cape Town, South Africa) — In this photo, Dr. Christiaan Barnard illustrates a point while addressing a group of journalists in Cape Town.
[image title=”heart” size=”full” id=”222″ align=”center” ]
1981: First successful heart/lung transplant by Bruce Reitz (Stanford, U.S.A.) — The heart and lungs of an anonymous donor were implanted in the chest of Mary Gohlke, a 45-year-old newspaper executive.
1983: First successful lung lobe transplant by Joel Cooper (Toronto, Canada)
1986: First successful double-lung transplant (Ann Harrison) by Joel Cooper (Toronto, Canada)
1987: First successful whole lung transplant by Joel Cooper (St. Louis, U.S.A.)
1995: First successful laparoscopic live-donor nephrectomy by Lloyd Ratner and Louis Kavoussi (Baltimore, U.S.A.)
[image title=”laparoscopic” size=”full” id=”223″ align=”center” ]
1998: First successful hand transplant (France) — Clint Hallam was the first person to have a hand transplant.
[image title=”hand” size=”full” id=”224″ align=”center” ]
2005: First successful partial face transplant (France) — World’s first partial face transplant on a 38-year-old woman who was disfigured when she was attacked by a dog.
[image title=”partial_face” size=”full” id=”225″ align=”center” ]
2006: First jaw transplant to combine donor jaw with bone marrow from the patient, by Eric M. Genden (Mount Sinai Hospital, New York)
2008: First successful complete full double arm transplant by Edgar Biemer, Christoph Höhnke and Manfred Stangl (Technical University of Munich, Germany) — German Karl Merk received the world’s first complete double arm transplant.
[image title=”double_arm” size=”full” id=”226″ align=”center” ]
2008: First baby born from transplanted ovary — Maja Butscher was born after her mother had the world’s first ovary transplant.
[image title=”ovary” size=”full” id=”227″ align=”center” ]
2008: First transplant of a human windpipe using a patient’s own stem cells. Surgeons replaced a section of Claudia Castillo’s windpipe, that had been irreparably damaged by tuberculosis, with a donated organ that was stripped of its cells and used as a scaffold for her stem cells.
[image title=”windpipe” size=”full” id=”228″ align=”center” ]
2009: First full face transplant — Connie Culp suffered a loss of bone structure when she was shot on the face by her husband. In December of 2008, the 46-year-old Ohio woman received organs from a local donor. After 22 hours of surgery, the surgeons had successfully attached the donor’s face to Connie.
[image title=”connieculp” size=”full” id=”229″ align=”center” ]


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  2. Absolutely Amazing!!! I can’t believe how far we have come… For someone who has gone through so much suffering, its nice to see them receive some help that allows them to see the good side of humanity.

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