Photos of first successful transplants

After the recent successful full face transplant done to Connie Culp, I browsed for the list of first successful transplants ever conducted. I found out from wiki that there are just few of them. Here are some of them in photos:

1905: First successful cornea transplant by Eduard Zirm — Alois Gloger received the first successful cornea transplant.
[image title=”cornea” size=”full” id=”218″ align=”center” ]

1954: First successful kidney transplant by Joseph Murray (Boston, U.S.A.) — The world’s first successful kidney transplant was done to the identical Herrick twins at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital.
[image title=”kidney” size=”full” id=”219″ align=”center” ]
1966: First successful pancreas transplant by Richard Lillehei and William Kelly (Minnesota, U.S.A.) — Done to 28-year-old woman who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 9.
[image title=”pancreas” size=”full” id=”220″ align=”center” ]
1967: First successful liver transplant by Thomas Starzl (Denver, U.S.A.)
1967: First successful heart transplant by Christiaan Barnard (Cape Town, South Africa) — In this photo, Dr. Christiaan Barnard illustrates a point while addressing a group of journalists in Cape Town.
[image title=”heart” size=”full” id=”222″ align=”center” ]
1981: First successful heart/lung transplant by Bruce Reitz (Stanford, U.S.A.) — The heart and lungs of an anonymous donor were implanted in the chest of Mary Gohlke, a 45-year-old newspaper executive.
1983: First successful lung lobe transplant by Joel Cooper (Toronto, Canada)
1986: First successful double-lung transplant (Ann Harrison) by Joel Cooper (Toronto, Canada)
1987: First successful whole lung transplant by Joel Cooper (St. Louis, U.S.A.)
1995: First successful laparoscopic live-donor nephrectomy by Lloyd Ratner and Louis Kavoussi (Baltimore, U.S.A.)
[image title=”laparoscopic” size=”full” id=”223″ align=”center” ]
1998: First successful hand transplant (France) — Clint Hallam was the first person to have a hand transplant.
[image title=”hand” size=”full” id=”224″ align=”center” ]
2005: First successful partial face transplant (France) — World’s first partial face transplant on a 38-year-old woman who was disfigured when she was attacked by a dog.
[image title=”partial_face” size=”full” id=”225″ align=”center” ]
2006: First jaw transplant to combine donor jaw with bone marrow from the patient, by Eric M. Genden (Mount Sinai Hospital, New York)
2008: First successful complete full double arm transplant by Edgar Biemer, Christoph Höhnke and Manfred Stangl (Technical University of Munich, Germany) — German Karl Merk received the world’s first complete double arm transplant.
[image title=”double_arm” size=”full” id=”226″ align=”center” ]
2008: First baby born from transplanted ovary — Maja Butscher was born after her mother had the world’s first ovary transplant.
[image title=”ovary” size=”full” id=”227″ align=”center” ]
2008: First transplant of a human windpipe using a patient’s own stem cells. Surgeons replaced a section of Claudia Castillo’s windpipe, that had been irreparably damaged by tuberculosis, with a donated organ that was stripped of its cells and used as a scaffold for her stem cells.
[image title=”windpipe” size=”full” id=”228″ align=”center” ]
2009: First full face transplant — Connie Culp suffered a loss of bone structure when she was shot on the face by her husband. In December of 2008, the 46-year-old Ohio woman received organs from a local donor. After 22 hours of surgery, the surgeons had successfully attached the donor’s face to Connie.
[image title=”connieculp” size=”full” id=”229″ align=”center” ]


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