Strangest Cars

A strange or weird car for one may not be strange or weird for another. It all depends on the taste. Some car owners just want to have unique vehicles; owning weird cars is like boosting their CVs.

Here are few photos of the strangest cars or strangest car designs you can find online.
[image title=”car1″ size=”full” id=”178″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”car2″ size=”full” id=”179″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”car3″ size=”full” id=”180″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”car4″ size=”full” id=”181″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”car5″ size=”full” id=”182″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”car6″ size=”full” id=”183″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”car7″ size=”full” id=”184″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”car8″ size=”full” id=”185″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”car9″ size=”full” id=”186″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”car10″ size=”full” id=”187″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”car11″ size=”full” id=”188″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”car12″ size=”full” id=”189″ align=”center” ]