Weird and Unique Roofs

Most roofs are only appreciated when viewed from the top, like that mansion in Berkshire where there is a 60 ft drawing of a phallus. But there are few unique roofs that attract viewers even from up front. Here are 6 unique roof photos that you might consider in your next house renovation.

Torajan ancestral houses – South Sulawesi, Indonesia
[image title=”roof1″ size=”full” id=”131″ align=”center” ]

Casa Batllo in Spain. The roof is compared to a reptilian creature, the backbone of a gigantic dinosaur.
[image title=”roof7″ size=”full” id=”134″ align=”center” ]

Hotel Marques De Riscal in Spain
[image title=”roof3″ size=”full” id=”135″ align=”center” ]

Toluca Lake house in California
[image title=”roof4″ size=”full” id=”136″ align=”center” ]

Turfed Roof of a 5-story building at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore
[image title=”roof5″ size=”full” id=”137″ align=”center” ]

Brazilian Leaf House – outside of Rio de Janeiro, on a beautiful little beach with amazing blue water.
[image title=”roof6″ size=”large” id=”138″ align=”center” ]