Weird music albums you must own

Here is a list of weird music albums that you must own according to Amazon. There are more after the jump.

Endangered Species by Ex-Girl — list author says “crazy japanese pop, irresistable”
[image title=”weirdalbum1″ size=”full” id=”120″ align=”center” ]

The Third Reich ‘N Roll by The Residents — list author says “not for the uninitiated, but then what residents album is ? listen to it in bed and laugh, it makes the whole world seem ludicrous”
[image title=”weirdalbum2″ size=”full” id=”121″ align=”center” ]
A Trip to Marineville by Swell Maps — list author says “off kilter pop masterpiece played on conventional instruments as well as household items”
[image title=”weirdalbum3″ size=”full” id=”122″ align=”center” ]
20 Jazz Funk Greats by Throbbing Gristle — list author says “disturbing isn’t the word. makes my sphincter pucker every time i put it on.”
[image title=”weirdalbum4″ size=”full” id=”123″ align=”center” ]
Chairs Missing by Wire — list author says “enough here to keep you happy as you try to nibble your way out of your straitjacket.”
[image title=”weirdalbum5″ size=”full” id=”124″ align=”center” ]
The Best of Kodo by Kodo — list author says “recommended by budgie from the banshees, these guys use silence as an instrument to deafening effect.”
[image title=”weirdalbum6″ size=”full” id=”125″ align=”center” ]
A Bestiary Of by The Creatures — list author says “unbelievable journey around the world through a twisted psyche.”
[image title=”weirdalbum7″ size=”full” id=”126″ align=”center” ]
Cut by The Slits — list author says “keeps you interested from the start, gets in your head and is reluctant to leave. recommended.”
[image title=”weirdalbum8″ size=”full” id=”127″ align=”center” ]
Sings by Charles Manson — list author says “knowing what he and his followers did makes this a very creepy listen. trouble is it makes me smile and want to sing along.”
[image title=”weirdalbum9″ size=”large” id=”128″ align=”center” ]