Weirdest Tattoos

Spare me the pain. A tattoo on your private part is just crazy! I have seen men and women covered with tattoos and some of them are really freaky. Others, just funny.
[image title=”tatoo1″ size=”full” id=”109″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”tatoo2″ size=”full” id=”110″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”tatoo3″ size=”full” id=”111″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”tatoo4″ size=”full” id=”112″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”tatoo5″ size=”large” id=”113″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”tatoo6″ size=”large” id=”114″ align=”center” ]
[image title=”tatoo8″ size=”full” id=”116″ align=”center” ]

Here is a video of other weird tattoos.