Ice Hotel in Japan

I probably will try to stay in the Ice Hotel for a day, and for the sake of experience. Japan opened an ice hotel in the Alpha Resort Tomamu’s ice village, on Hokkaido Island. Like any other regular hotels, the ice hotel has dining rooms, bed rooms and bath rooms. The only difference is that the rooms are all made of ice.

If you are up for a cocktail at an ice bar or eat food on an ice plate, with a price of 80,000 yen (US $696) for two per night, then take a flight to Japan’s Hokkaido Island.

Enjoy the Ice Hotel photos.
[image title=”ice-hotel-japan11″ size=”full” id=”49″ align=”none” ][image title=”ice-hotel-japan3″ size=”full” id=”40″ align=”none” ][image title=”ice-hotel-japan4″ size=”full” id=”41″ align=”none” ][image title=”ice-hotel-japan5″ size=”full” id=”42″ align=”none” ]